Endodontics: The Future

Dr Johnathan Wee, Clinical Director at Advent Endodontics Inc., talks about current research and technological advances in the field of endodontics, or root canal treatment…

Endodontics is the management of root canal related treatment in the field of dentistry. Pulpal revascularization and regeneration is an emerging branch of endodontics that looks at either keeping the pulp (the living soft tissues inside every single tooth) alive or regenerating it.

This deviates from typical root canal treatment that devitalizes and treats a tooth that is dying or is dead.

These techniques are usually applicable for teeth that have not undergone full maturation of the root growth, usually in younger patients. Unless the tooth is badly infected or damaged, the pulp can be regenerated.

Another field of growing research is endodontic irrigation or disinfection. This important area of endodontic treatment has initiated many newtechnologies that focus on delivering anti-bacterial solutions right to the far reaches of the root canal system. It makes the cleaning of root canals extremely efficient, safe and with greater precision. Research has shown that energized negative pressure type irrigation during root canal treatment offers a greater, safer and effective way of disinfecting the root canal system of bacteria.

Root end surgery has also been shown to be highly successful in recent years. Reviews of clinical success of root end surgery used to hover in the 50-70% success rate range and have now improved to the 90-95% range. This procedure is done when conventional root canal treatment is not effective for complete healing.

Advent Endodontics Inc is at the forefront of cutting edge irrigation delivery systems and all operational equipment needed for modern root canal treatment. Not only are they equipped with specialised carts designed with the irrigation built-in, it can also vary and change any of its inherent modular components when necessary. The dental operatories are designed for rear delivery which means using hand pieces or instruments that will not be in the patients’ sight. All procedures (surgical and non-surgical) are performed under a surgical operating microscope with built in HD imaging functions. This enables documentation, teaching and facilitate understanding by the patient.

Many aspects of endodontics are technically challenging and require not just specialized equipment, but also experienced, skilled and specially trained dentists who have an interest in this area.

The entire spectrum of endodontics, including retreating of old failing root treated teeth or micro surgery are available when one sees an endodontist for root canal treatment.

There is probably no better time to have one’s toothache, or failing root canal to be treated by an endodontist. The growing evidence from emerging dental research is showing that more often than not, teeth can be salvaged and rehabilitated rather than lost. Contrary to popular belief, such teeth when treated by endodontists are managed in the most painless, effortless way imaginable.

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