How to vote in the UK General Election from Singapore

Theresa May has shocked the UK by calling a snap General Election for 8th June.

We’ve compiled a few instructions to make things as straight forward as possible if you’re voting from Singapore.

While Proxy voting is an option (getting someone you trust to vote on your behalf), it is generally easier to register to vote via post.

Head to:

What you need:

National Insurance card

Your British passport

You’ll need to answer 11 questions including:

Name, Address, National Insurance number, Passport information & how you want to vote

Deadline to register:

22 May for normal voters (if you happen to be in the UK for the vote)

23 May for postal voters

31 May for proxy voters (getting someone you trust to vote for you)

How do I know where I vote if I live overseas?

Wherever your last registered address was in the UK. Head to to key in your last UK postcode and find out.

Now what?

Once registered, you’ll then be given an option to receive an application form via post or email, which you must complete and send back to your relevant local authority.

If you’re already registered and just want to apply for a postal vote, you can download the application form straight away from here. Again, you must send this to your local authority.