Medical Benefits for Singapore Permanent Residence

Did you know as a PR there are many benefits that you can tap into through the Singapore Health System?

How to visit a Polyclinic with PR status

You can maximise your healthcare services in Singapore if you’ve got Permanent Residency – there are numerous ways of limiting the amount you spend on health related matters, you just need to know where to look.

CPF contributions

Start off by working out how your current contributions can help. Having taken up Singapore Permanent Residency you will also be nation building and contributing to the Central Provident Fund, which builds your pension and saves towards your healthcare needs.

How you can use your CPF
If you have sufficient funds in your CPF account you can use this to help pay for additional health insurance either outside the system, as well as Medishield Life. Medishield Life is a basic health insurance plan, that is paid through CPF contributions, which help pay hospital bills and selected outpatient tretments. It also covers subsidised treatment in public hospitals. *

Polyclinics – a whole new way of seeing the doctor

As a Permanent Resident or PR you have access to one of Singapore’s Poly Clinics There are nine clinics island wide and they are run in an efficient and courteous way.

Consultation fees are based on whether you are Singaporean, Singapore Permanent Residents or Non Residents. A sample consultation cost for a Permanent Resident in 2017 was $23.90 and for a Singaporean $12.50

Some of the clinics have a wide range of diagnostic services, including breast cancer and pap screenings. At time of writing (2017) a recent pap smear and mammogram at the Bukit Merah Clinic cost under S$100 (breast screening cost around $78) and took around 45 minutes.

If you’re over 50 these costs can come out of your Medisave policy. Medisave is part of the national saving scheme which helps people put aside part of their income into their medisave accounts.

Booking a polyclinic appointment

Find and register as a new patient at your nearest clinic. After registering you can easily pop online and book an appointment via the online system. Take your NRIC to your first visit and remember to bring both this and your appointment card each time.

Specialists, prescriptions and payment

You will need to see a GP to get a referral to a specialist. Only by going through a GP in a polyclinic will also give you subsidised rates when visiting specialists, which is generally less than half the normal rate if you decide to book direct.

If you’re being referred,  you will be given a form to take to the appropriate desk, where you will be advised of your next appointment. If you have medicines to collect you will need to submit your prescription and wait to collect. Pay by NETS at the cashier or machine.

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