mobike, Ofo & oBike – Littering Singapore

Have you noticed yellow and orange bikes that appear to be abandoned all over Singapore? Seems not everyone is putting them back where they should. What is being done about it? Seems only the Singapore based OBIKE is taking some clever measures…..

mobike – OBIKE – ofo

All 3 come with different usability and pricing – which is the best?

Mobike (a Chinese company)
A cashless station free bike sharing platform which uses a smart lock system that through an App on a smartphone the user signs up to gives instant access. Using the App you can find the nearest bike and reserve it for 15 minutes. Sometimes however the bike isnt always quite where it says it is so look around. Pricing is based on the time spent on the bike.

Cost: A one time refundable deposit of $49. A single trip costs $0.50 for every 30 minutes. Charges start from the time the bike is unloaced on the account until it is locked again

If you are reported as to leaving the bike in an inappropriate loaction you get fined – cash taken from your balance!

OBIKE – (Singapore Company)

Reported to be the easiest system and plenty of them. A stationless smart bike-sharing business using technology. Download the App, locate the bike and unlock it using the scan code, when finished lock in the same way. Reservations last only 10 minutes. Bikes can be returned to any public designated bike-parking area.

Cost: A refundable deposit is payable but no mention on their site as to the amount . Pricing of each ride can depend on how you use the bike. Its harder to work out the costs as credits are used – the lower the credit points the higher the cost of the ride, so a bit confusing. However if you are well behaved it looks like $1 for 30 minutes

ofo – Chinese Company)

Boasts 10 million bikes in 180 cities accross 15 countries and talk about the design and comfort of the bike – a lot!

Cost: Refundable deposit of $39. Priced at $0.50 per trip. $1 an hour, capped at $2 for the entire travel journey.  You can only complete the trip when you park it and manually lock the back wheel and press ‘Trip Complete’ on the App.

A removale program does appear to be happening through local councils, but proceedures are being reviewed as the situation has not really changed!