Getting your expat TV fix abroad

One of the most common symptoms of homesickness for Brits abroad is television. The frustrations of viewing ‘not available in your region’ can cause a yearning for those green and pleasant lands. We spoke to IT & Web solutions expert Paul High – Managing & Technical Director of High-Tech Solutions – who has been helping Expats solve their British TV woes since 2010…

The web page all Expat Brits dread…

If you are struggling to watch UK TV from abroad, you are not alone. But what exactly is the best (and safest) way to watch your favourite shows from back home without buffering, error messages and risk of nasty malware on your devices?

The subject of expat TV often comes up at Angloinfo, so we met up with Paul to discuss the challenges expats face trying to watch their favourite UK programmes overseas.


“When it comes to watching expat TV abroad, the first method that expats usually turn to is a VPN, but using a VPN doesn’t always yield the best results. Even the better VPNs still require all your internet data to be encrypted and decrypted, which slows down your device and this can be detrimental to streaming quality. Another problem with VPNs is that many are now blocking popular channels like BBC iPlayer. In addition to this VPNs only run on a limited number of devices”

The best solution to getting good Expat TV abroad…

“Wouldn’t it be cool if you could watch UK Catch-up TV directly from your Smart TV, Fire TV stick or games console? We have found and excellent provider in ChannelHopper TV. They have methods to enable you to watch UK live and Catch-Up TV on a multitude of devices. Due to the stability and quality of their service we have recommended to our customers.”

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