Bruno Menard Opens Yet Another Resto & Please Pour Your Own Wine…I Can’t be Bothered


My trusty Italian friend always rated it, but not enough people joined her in this and Cova, on level one of Paragon, has been shut for some time now. In it’s place stands a much more run-of-the-mill Cedele Bakery Cafe.  It’s interesting in that it supports the launch of Cedele’s other new Paragon offering, Podi, which is almost next door to the cafe and billed as the new, healthy  all day restaurant. It seems to serve a mish-mash of pretty much everything I can’t eat (I’m off carbs dahling, in a bid to loose weight the lazy way) from pies to pastas but what’s worth supporting is their commitment to original recipes that they make from scratch, as well as their promise to use and source fresh and unrefined ingredients.

Cedele Bakery Cafe, #01-25A Paragon, 290 Orchard Road

T: (+65) 6235 2380

Podi is found at #01-20A Paragon

(Image courtesy of Cedele)



&Made’s success is clear if you have ever eaten there. First off, it’s always packed. Secondly, the food is simply delicious without the usual price point I’ve come to associate with eating good food in Orchard. The only slight sting in the tail is a calorific one, but that’s my fault for consitently ordering his B Burger (it’s to die for) whenever I go.  So imagine my delight to discover that Bruno has done it again. He’s just opened a reasonably priced resto called La Cantine (brave move as &Made has only been up and running for two or so months).  Already the name speaks volumes – ‘The Canteen’ is the English translation – and right away sets the tone: you aren’t going to be munching your way through upmarket over priced food. Hurrah.

It’s actually a lot sleeker and chicer (and, in truth, pricer) than its humble name suggests. Anyone who is a fan of Bistro de Sommelier should most definitely give this a whirl…although be warned, its dishes are slightly more sophisticated than BDS which I have come to love for its unfussy, rustic simplicity.  Food to go for at La Cantine include Cevennes onion soup on an incredible ‘foie gras royal’ base as well as the simple sounding but delectable homemade vanilla ice cream which comes with sheets of nutty tuille and lashings of caramel tasting dulche de leche.  Lunch is the time to try this place out: they do a very good value set lunch priced at $39.  Dinner is quite a lot more (at least double probably and that’s not including any booze).

La Cantine by Bruno Menard, #01-01 Asia Square, Tower 1, 8 Marina View

T: (+65) 6690 7567

(Image courtesy of Bruno Menade)



I’ve been to a place very similar to this, in Hong Kong on Wyndham street, called California Vintage which offers glasses of wine by way of a pay-as-you-go-coffee-machine concept. It’s initially a bit of a faff having to jump up and down to fill up your own glass – I suppose it depends how quickly it’s being drained – but I love the flexibility of changing your tipple regularly though out the night, especially if you are only two and can’t get through as many varieties of bottles of wine as you’d perhaps like to.

The Singapore offering is Praelum on Duxton Hill which has red and whites from the new and old wine regions.  Glass sizes vary from taster sized to medium and large – just insert your credit card and make sure you press the right button.  Prices start from $2.10 for a taster and shoot right up to $$$ for a glass of best in class. Food served complements the wine and includes my personal favorite, garlic snails, as well as baked brie, sashimi and more.  Not just a fad, they really do know what they are talking about when it comes to wine and the manager here (Gerald Lu) won Best Sommelier back in 2010.  If you need help making a choice, he’s your man.

Praelum, 4 Duxton Hill

T: (+65) 6238 5287

(Image courtesy of Praelum)


Each week we’ll also showcase one hidden gem that I know, love and can’t live without. It may be known to some, it may be news to others but it’s a place that offers something out of the ordinary.


 This little gem of a jewellery find is strictly word of mouth and is run by Angel Carew-Jones who is super talented and under prices her fabulous, fun jewellery.  Majoring in earrings there are also bracelets and necklaces.  She does private sales only (she was a leading light in Retail Therapy’s Wheelock store before it closed), just  SMS or call for an appointment. She will also make bespoke creations upon request.  Names of pieces are playful – like her designs: Bubble Gum (pictured on the left), Me & Mrs M (named after me of course), Skeleton in the Closet, Jolly Bolly.  Think classic components assembled with a sometimes witty twist: pearl, jade, glass, crystal and more. I love!  Prices start from $28 and go up to around $200+.

She made and gave the pictured pair of earrings for HRH The Duchess of Cambridge during her recent visit to Singapore. Read all about it here.

By (Royal) appointment only.


T: (+65) 9654 5731

(Image courtesy of Changmoh)