Wolmido-The Most Korean Place Ever

My 쌍둥이친구 (twin friend) and I were looking for someplace epic to spend our last full day together. I would suggest something then she would shoot it down, then she would suggest something and I would do the same. After days of back and forth, we finally settled on Wolmido, a moon-shaped area of land on the outskirts of Incheon. Little did we know that we were going to have the most Korean day EVER.

We finally met up after we had each traveled for quite a while (all the way out to Incheon Station, the another bus ride from there) and after arriving, one of the first things we saw was a boat tour for a reasonable amount of money. We decided to go for it, which is where things became very Korean…

Our boat, the Venus


We got on the boat and immediately went upstairs…

Pretty nice, right?


Then we went downstairs and discovered, to our horror, an AJUMMA DANCE PARTY!


It. Was. Awesome. Don’t get me wrong, I’m NOT laughing at these ladies. I love that this is how they unwind, with a two-hour boat tour and dancing to retro Korean music.

But, we didn’t pay to see ajummas dance. We wanted to see the harbor, so we went back upstairs.

Very Korean thing #2-public drinking. I miss public drinking.


I’m not a big drinker by any measure, but I really, really miss going to the convenience store in my building, buying a beer (or two) and sitting outside and shooting the breeze with fellow foreigners or Koreans.

Floating under a bridge…


My friend and I had a wonderful time watching the scenery float by and talking about the last four years and all of our memories together. Every once in a while, the cruise operators would come on with information about what we were floating by, but we never paid much attention to what they were saying.

After we disembarked and started looking for other ways to entertain ourselves.

“Lulu Singing Practice Room” Very, very Korean, complete with odd English and a reach out to couples. Of course, we bought beers and smuggled them in. It’s the Korean way.


We filed this in our brains and decided to come back later-we needed food!

My twin friend had to decipher the English for me: they switched around the “d” from “baked” and the “s” from shellfish. Nope, not eating there.


Supremacy baked shellfish? Not how I would translate the Korean word “짱”


Okay, this actually makes sense. Sindang-dong is an area of Seoul well-known for its “broiled dish of sliced rice cake.” 떡볶이 먹고 싶다 ㅠㅠ


Having found food (ICE CREAM! but I didn’t get a picture,) we decided to play some games.

I fail as an American. Terrible score.


But I’m really good at whacking things!!


Very Korean thing #26-dogs wearing clothes.


Playing in the incoming tide


Wolmi My Land-one of the reasons I wanted to come! I love amusement parks!


Very Korean thing #42: dancing fountains.


The great thing about “My Land” is you pay per ride, not a flat admission rate. Since I can’t ride most rides anymore, this was perfect for the twin friend and I.


Very Korean thing #78-declaring your love on any surface


The Ferris wheel had some special tinted glass as windows, so I was able to get some great sunset photos.


More from the dancing fountains.



Very Korean thing #98: kids driving cars.


Very Korean thing #105: funky bicycle-type things.


There were 3 different Viking rides by the entrance and another one in Wolmi My Land. Whyyyyyyy do they need 4 different Viking rides?!?!


Ohhhh, Wolmido…


Wolmido is an absolutely wonderful way to spend a day. To get there, take line #1 to Incheon Station and take bus 2, 15, 23 or 45.