US school vs. Korean school, part II

I’ve been thinking about the biggest difference between Korea and the US and I figured it was how I used my time. In Korea I didn’t have much time to hang out with my friends, but with my American friends we chat and hang out after school a lot. Due to the big houses, we even get to have sleepovers which aren’t usual in Korea.
Everyone is busy in Korea. Most of my friends came home at about nine or ten from their after school academies, a place where we learn academic things in addition to school. The only time everyone is free is after mid-terms and finals. At those times, we usually go to amusement parks, karaoke places or eating places. This only happens four times a year, so it is a very special time for us. It’s easy to get to these places too.
In Korea everything is within a twenty minute bus ride. Due to the small country, buildings are close together and our public transportation is quite developed. We can get to almost anywhere with just one dollar and fifty cents. Riding the bus or subway is definitely one of the most important thing you have to learn in order to live in Korea.
Anyway, on some regular days we’d go to any cafe in front of our school (because there are a ton) and get a drink with our friends before heading to our after school academies. After this, the horrible hours of our day begin. Academies are boring. Who wants to do five more hours of math?
Maybe it’s because we don’t have a lot of free time, but when we do, we have a blast. We’d go anywhere just to have fun.