US school vs. Korean school

 I’ve been going to a school in the US for the previous two months and I have discovered many differences between Americans schools and Korean schools. Facilities, classes, breaks; everything is so different.
The school buildings in the US are so much bigger than than in Korea. Even in the summer, the school buildings in the US are freezing cold. In Korea, they almost never turn on the air conditioners. It gets hot that people get querulous. There are so many classrooms in the US. In Korea there are only about 25 classrooms in each school because the teacher comes in the class to teach. The students learn every single subject with the same peers, unlike the US. In the US you can choose your classes so your classmates for each class are different.
Even some of the subjects are different. In Korea we don’t have elective classes such as theater, choir, band, dance, athletics, photo journalism etc… We do have PE, technology, home economy and ethics. We don’t get to choose our classes.
In Korea you get 10 minutes of break after each class to chat with your friends or change clothes (for PE), but in the US, you use most of the 5 minutes of break going to your next class (I told you the buildings were big). The way teachers teach is also different. In Korea the teacher tells you most of the important things for you studies. It’s all about memorization and listening. In the US, the students have to figure out what the main point of answers are by themselves. It’s all about thinking and applying knowledge.
So far I think I like the school system in the US is better than in Korea. It is more relaxed and makes it fun to go to school!