Costume hunting, Hongdae

Okay, so it’s that time of the year again, when hocus pocus fills the air, all things creepy go bump in the night and of course when classic scary movies  re-runs are showing on TV. That’s right folks Halloween is upon us!

Here in Korea celebrations go down a little differently. It’s actually not that popular among the locals, however a few hipsters are growing more and more accustomed to celebrating Halloween as years pass by. So this crowd, mixed in with some tourists and expats has allowed for a rise in party shops. Many of which are currently stocked up with Halloween costumes, accessories and everything in-between. Whether you are planning on hosting a Halloween party or simply attending one, these party shops have several items which would suit your needs.

Anyway, for Halloween this year a bunch of friends and I are travelling down to Busan to spend the weekend, and we are in need of costumes, or at least costume ideas. After an extensive internet search the most positive results were gathered from AngloINFO Seoul (no surprise!). The websites directory of “party venues and supplies” ( helped kick-off our search. Of course I came across other sites which recommended stores in Gangnam, and around Sadang station. But, since I live all the way in Paju, my first and closest bet was to go to Hongdae, and that’s exactly what a friend and I did.

Joy Party is where it’s at! This franchise store with a branch in Gangnam overwhelmed us. Their selection was great, with all sorts of goodies, not just for Halloween, but for Christmas, weddings, birthdays and more. This got our minds working, we went in with no expectation, but what we found was a gem! And best of all it’s so close to home! Because of all of the choices laid out in from of us we could not decide on what or who we will be this Halloween, but we defiantly got the ideas flowing and we will be headed back soon to pick up everything we need. The stores prices are pretty reasonable, we found a Supergirl costume for just 40.000won, giant angel wings for 12.000 won and other accessories starting from 4000won. A bargain store, really! Joy Party also stocks wigs, capes, glow sticks, and some deadly looking make-up. (Just a very small selection of make-up.)

They also have some great pictures pasted on the walls that can help you with group or individual themes and ideas. I plan on editing this blog soon; adding pictures of some of the stock they have. In the meantime here’s how to get there.



-From Hapjeong Station take exit 3

-Walk straight for about 5 minutes until you see Bobo Hotel and turn right.

-Continue walking straight for about 300m and you should find Joy Party on your right.

-Joy Party is in the 5th floor of the YB Building. There is a CU mart on the first floor.


If you’re lost just call 02 333 5100 (Korean only)

Operating hours: Monday-Saturday-10am-8pm

 Closed on public holidays!


Happy shopping ^^