A Winter Treat


I am obsessed with Korean dried persimmon, 곶감. They have been in all of the shops for the last month, and since I tried them about 3 weeks ago I have been devouring them with reckless abandon. It took me a while to try them because I don’t actually like fresh persimmons very much, but when they grow older and shrivel up all of their sweetness is heightened and they become like chewy honey. They are a vibrant orange and are coated in a white sugary powder that develops naturally during the drying process.

Where have you been all my life?

Right now at the smaller family run stores in Korea you can get an 8 pack for between 4-8,000 won. During the rest of the year though they’re fairly expensive. I don’t think I ever came across these in New Zealand, I think because persimmons themselves are a rarity there.

Here is a blog about the steps taken to produce the sweet dried persimmons – It is a similar process in Korea.

Have you tried them yet??