Films in Korea

It seems that since I have been living in Korea I go to see a movie at least every two weeks. Ticket prices here, compared to NZ, are very affordable, and surprisingly it seems like there is always something interesting to see.

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Generally you can buy tickets for between 5-9,000 won depending on the day and time, and can select your seat.

Most recently I saw ‘Inside Llewyn Davis’ at CGV Guro, a film about about a struggling folk singer in New York City’s Greenwich Village, the film won the Grand Prix at the 2013 Cannes Film Festival.

There are a few big name cinemas here; the most popular are Lotte Cinemas and CGV.

For us foreigners a great website to find movie times is –

It is hard to find many cinemas that have regular screenings of Korean films with English subtitles. Although CGV Yongsan shows two Korean films a week, on Sunday and Tuesday, with English subs.

A great facebook page that aims to inform expats living in Korea about Korean films screening with English subtitles is

This past Saturday at SangSangmadang, Hongdae, they held a screening of the gritty, at times comedic, and touching film ‘My Place.’ Directed by Emmanuel Moonchil Park, this documentary won the Audience Award at the Chewsock film festival last September. They followed up the screening with drinks, music and a Q&A with Director Park.

Another helpful site for foreigners to find out movie times and to book tickets is