Indie Rock

Korea is renowned for its plethora of k-pop groups. Scantily clad look-alike girls use sex to sell superficial songs. Cookie-cutter teenagers wear helmets in case they slip while dancing. Many of them enter the k-pop machine at a young age and are chosen not for their musical talent but for their potential to become a star. They are offered plastic surgery and are taught to dance in a provocative manner; they are put on strict diets and have to abide by busy schedules.

Wasted Johnnys

Clearly I am not a fan of k-pop, nor the manner in which it is produced and marketed. Thankfully though Korea has so much more to offer in terms of music. It may not be marketed with such ferocity, but it’s there. I have had the opportunity to interview some brilliant up and coming bands over the past year. Most are relatively unknown in the scheme of things, but they play with reckless abandon and individuality. They frequent clubs in Hongdae such as Freebird, DGBD and Salon Badabie. The live indie music scene in Hongdae is something special; there is a thriving energy surrounding these artists who play for appreciative, rowdy club goers.

 Here are some favorites:

 Beatniks –

Their sound is a satisfying mix of beat-heavy, pop-infused electronic rock, with psychedelic undertones.

 Juck Juck Grunzie –

Haunting, loud, strong and assertive.

 Wasted Johnny’s-

Blues-based rock ‘n’ roll!

 Magna Fall-

A Progressive rock band with spacey, bluesy, grungy sounds.

Check out their facebook pages to see what gigs they have coming up!