Shopping at Square 1

I really dislike shopping. In Korea this dislike is heightened. I feel pestered and followed the majority of times when I walk into a store here. Sometimes rather than looking for whatever it is I want to buy I end up doing some wild goose chase around the store. Ducking between racks and maneuvering around displays trying to escape the person following me. I just don’t need someone’s help when I’m shopping, I would rather browse in peace.

The trials of consuming

The underground shopping mall at Bupyeong Station is a popular place in Incheon for people to shop but it is generally super crowded. Since it is underground it may provide short term protection from an air strike but it’s kind of stifling as well, even in winter. Recently I wanted to buy a winter coat, and heard about a newish shopping mall called Incheon Square1 just outside Dongchun Station exit 1.

I went there to check it out one Sunday. It’s pretty huge, and is actually Incheon’s largest shopping mall. It has a floor space of 169,000 sq.m and there are over 170 stores selling everything from clothing and accessories to groceries, restaurants, cafes and a cinema. It has some really great clothing stores, I spent a lot of time in the huge Zara store, and no one followed me! On Sunday the huge mall was pretty empty and I roamed around without my personal space bubble getting burst the entire time haha. On the fourth floor there is a big selection of restaurants.

This isn’t actually from Bibigo, I didn’t bring my camera to Square1. But… it’s similarly delicious.

I ate at one called Bibigo, which is a chain restaurant where you can create your own inauthentic bibimbap. You can choose, wild, brown, white or black rice, select from beef, chicken or tofu and choose the different vegetables and sides which is pretty cool. Square 1 also houses a home plus and across the road there is really large e-mart. So if you haven’t been there yet this is a sweet department store, where you can find pretty much anything you are after! For more information, visit the mall’s website at