The Top 7 K-Poses




In Korea, displays of self affection are evident and are encouraged everywhere. Mirrors are in elementary classrooms, in restaurants, lifts, toilets, yes toilet stalls not just bathrooms, and most other places. Taking a ‘selfie’ is not something to be ashamed of. You can sit waiting for the subway and conduct your own mini photo shoot, by yourself, of yourself. People won’t think you are overly self obsessed. It is actually the done thing. There are a number interesting of Korean poses you can try too. Each with its own special meaning and connotations. Don’t be shy. Experiment.

Here is a break down of some popular poses:

1. The Puffer Fish. Because puffer fish are cool and bloated.


2. The ‘I Want a V-line So Badly.’


3. The ‘Boing Boing, I am a Pussy Cat.’


4. The ‘My Strategically Placed Peace Sign Will Cover any Imperfection With Ease.’


5. The ‘I am Removing Food From the Corner of my Mouth, Erotically


6. The ‘I am an Angry Child, but I am Also Cute and Mischievous.’


7. The ‘Naughty, Yet Somehow Innocent Wink’


8. The ‘Something Mysterious Happened to my Face.