Zen Experience

I wrote a blog a while ago about Mu Sang Sa, a temple in the mountains near Daejeon. I went there to interview some foreign zen buddhist monks and nuns a few months ago. Tomorrow I am going back to stay there for seven days, to try to immerse myself in the life of a monastic.

I’m a bit worried about how I will fare rising at 3am everyday. There will be no cellphones, no contact with the outside world, no typical clothes, minimal speaking, and no books unless they are related to buddhism.

There will be long peroids of sitting, trying to meditate, walking zen, bowing, and chanting.

I can list these things that there will and won’t be. But I really have no idea how my experience will go… I am looking forward to the tranquility of the mountains and the clean, healthy food. I don’t really have many expectations about how my thoughts might change. 

I will write about it all when I’m back in society as I know it!

The time schedule.