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Everland Expats Only Summer Discount! Everland Ticket Offers & Deals for Foreigners!

Everland Expats Only Summer Sale! ✔Save 48% On One Day Park Tickets! ✔Regular Price 54,000 won -> Special Price for Expats 28,000 won ✔VALID from 2017.7.16 – 2017.8.20 […]

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Eton House Prep’s Music Academy Annual Concert, 2017-2018

Wonderful week of concerts at EtonHouse Prep! […]

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North London Collegiate School Jeju – Secrets of Success

You can learn all about the North London Collegiate School Jeju, and the academic triumphs of this year’s outgoing class. Get a better sense of what NLCS Jeju is all about […]

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Dwight Seoul’s Spark of Genius Spans Globally with 2017 University Acceptances

SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA, APRIL 19, 2017 – The Dwight School Seoul graduating Class of 2017 secured acceptances to over 85 prestigious universities worldwide. Among the list, four distinguished Ivy […]

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Nature Play At Namsan International Kindergarten (NIK)

[YT video=”hQ0pYINrgV8″ /] It has never been a better time to find the perfect place for your child’s early education. If you’re looking for a place that emphasis […]

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Press Release: Ascott Opens First Property on Jeju Island

For all you guys traveling to Jeju Island, now there’s a comfortable and luxurious home waiting for you. Take a look at the press release below for more […]

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Now that the gloomy winter season is gone, we need a good detox to start off right this beautiful spring season. Escape from the stresses of your daily […]

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Law and Procedure for Abortion in Korea

South Korea’s Ministry of Health and Welfare provides a wealth of information on the laws and procedures for abortion. Abortion, while in principle is illegal in South Korea, […]

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Find Those Trendy and Inexpensive Eyeglasses in Seoul

It doesn’t matter whether you are looking for some trendy new glasses or a way to keep you from bumping into walls, Seoul is the perfect place to […]

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Romance is in the Air as Korea Celebrates White Day

Happy White Day! One of the exciting new experiences you can have in Korea is celebrating South Korea’s version of Valentine’s Day (Part 2), called White Day. It […]

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