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DMC Ville- Serviced Apartment for Foreigners

The best serviced apartment in Seoul. Foreign passport holders only.   […]

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Spanish Restaurant Guide in Seoul

Journey Through all of Seoul’s Spanish Restaurants with Hyerim Kwon If Koreans are asked to name international food, they would answer pizza, spaghetti, or hamburgers. However, recently, a […]

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EQSTEM /STEM Winter Camp for Kids 2017 -2018

  website: […]

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Pivot Point Co-working Space (Shared Office) in Gangnam, Seoul

Pivot Point COEX Conveniently located in the heart of Gangnam. Co-working space for digital nomad. Tailored Services · Great Location · 24/7 Access English Speaking Services Pivot point Co-working Space Newly added […]

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Your Solution to the Jeonse (Housing Deposit) Problem: Shinhan Bank The Dream Jeonse Loan

Before you even book the ticket for your flight, you might be wondering about your housing options. In Korea, there is a unique system called Jeonse, meaning key […]

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The Musical SISTER ACT, Korean Premiere

DATE  November 25, 2017 – January 21, 2018 VENUE  BLUE SQUARE INTERPARK HALL AGE GROUP  8 and up RUN TIME  150 minutes PRICE  VIP 140,000 won, R 120,000 won, S 80,000 won, […]

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Get Your Teeth Cleaned Right at CREAM Dentistry in Gangnam

In order to reach CREAM Dentistry’s office, a well-kept elevatory takes you down the floor, where you can find the office surrounded with various banners. These long blue […]

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Everland Expats Only Summer Discount! Everland Ticket Offers & Deals for Foreigners!

Everland Expats Only Summer Sale! ✔Save 48% On One Day Park Tickets! ✔Regular Price 54,000 won -> Special Price for Expats 28,000 won ✔VALID from 2017.7.16 – 2017.8.20 […]

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Eton House Prep’s Music Academy Annual Concert, 2017-2018

Wonderful week of concerts at EtonHouse Prep! […]

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North London Collegiate School Jeju – Secrets of Success

You can learn all about the North London Collegiate School Jeju, and the academic triumphs of this year’s outgoing class. Get a better sense of what NLCS Jeju is all about […]

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