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In 2011, just after I retired, we bought a studio in Almerimar to complement our flat. We wanted to be able to invite friends and family to stay, but had no spare room in our small flat. It’s a little gem, compact and comfortable; basically, a hotel room with kitchenette and bathroom, with lovely views over gardens and the mountain ranges. However, when we then sold our flat and bought our house we no longer needed the studio. Our sons and partners have, even so, stayed there, thus enjoying full independence, but we are aware that keeping it is a luxury that we cannot afford.

We reluctantly decided to sell it, but during the summer received an email from the estate agents informing us that a new regulation requires all property for sale or rent to have an energy efficiency certificate, a CEE or EPC in English. As the price quoted was high we decided to wait till we were in Spain, then shop around. Easier said than done. I did ask around but was getting nowhere until Phil spotted several adverts in the local English newspaper. Although the prices quoted were reasonable, they didn’t look promising, as most were situated in the Mojácar region. Still, I decided to give it a try, though my first attempt was not encouraging, as I failed to get a reply on either number that I rang. I then sent an email, and from then on things really looked up.

First of all, I had an almost instant call back from the architect, Antonio Martinez, from Martinez de la Casa. His English was perfect, but he still showed me the courtesy of addressing me in Spanish when I requested it. Despite the distance from their base, in Murcia, he readily agreed to perform the inspection, and promised me that he would phone me back to firm up the date the following day. He did exactly as he promised. Now that, as anyone living in Almería knows, is no small thing. We fixed a day, and again he assured me that he would phone prior to the visit to confirm a time to suit me. Two days before the inspection, he phoned and agreed a time and place to meet. He also confirmed that he would phone me some 10-15 minutes before arrival to allow me time to get to the meeting place, with it not being my residence.

Absolutely on the dot of the agreed time for his call, the phone rang to tell me that they were already at the meeting point. On our arrival, three courteous, professional and smart young people greeted us. Two were totally bi-lingual; I think the young woman who formed part of the team must have been of dual nationality, as she spoke both English and Spanish like a native. Even so, Antonio respected my wish to speak in Spanish, even though his technical command of English was vastly superior to mine in Spanish. The inspection itself was carried out swiftly and efficiently, then Antonio detailed the necessary procedures and stages in communicating progress to the client. Essentially, the certificate itself is sent by email within 24 to 48 hours, whilst the registration confirmation will arrive within 72 hours. Because of my stubbornness in insisting on speaking Spanish, I didn’t clarify whether the time-scale was working hours, excluding weekends. Consequently, I then sent an email to check that all was going to schedule, on the Saturday evening. True to form, Antonio phoned me back first thing on Monday to explain that the certificate was on its way and would arrive, exactly as promised within the 48 WORKING hours. It did indeed arrive, with the registration certificate following on within the next 48 hours.

Efficiency, courtesy and professionalism were the name of the game. After so many let downs from even the best intentioned of workers, it was a total joy and relief to receive such efficient and reliable service. I cannot recommend the service highly enough. It does exactly what it says on the tin, with the minimum of hassle. If you need a EPC, or any of the other services offered, I highly recommend this company.

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