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Londoner in Madrid is my blog aiming to share with everyone my experiences of living as a London expat in Madrid, a city I adore. As I have been working and living out here for over 6 years I do know the city and its different sides very well and am pretty much fully integrated into local Spanish life. Sometimes people even joke I am (half-)madrileña! Having said that, often the Londoner in me still does come out! I hope you will enjoy reading and finding out more about Madrid and I will share tidbits about this vibrant city as well as the latest cool hotspots and events taking place across the capital.

About Betsy
I was born in China but grew up in London, UK. I fell in love with Madrid when aupairing and interrailing in Spain in 2006 and moved here in 2010 – never looking back! Currently I work in Online Marketing (Paid Search) for a Spanish digital agency and previously I also taught English with Vaughan Systems. As I am very passionate about Madrid’s restaurant and bar scene, lifestyle, gastronomy and events, I founded my own brand new blog La Guiri Y La Gata (laguiriylagata.com) in June 2016. The name in English literally means “The Foreign Girl and the Madrid Girl” and is about Madrid’s (new) restaurants and bars, rooftops, places that I find interesting generally, trends and events. Essentially it is about my POV alongside that of my Madrid blog partner Silvia and Spanish friends. Lastly, I also have my own section “Los Rincones de Betsy” in the quarterly business magazine Innovatia belonging to the business school IDE-CESEM, where I did my MBA.


Welcome to my Madrid!

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XpresArte – Paint and have fun

Unleash the painter in you Ever fancied yourself as a bit of a Van Gogh? Or Klimt? Does Monet rock your boat? Or is it Kandinsky who ticks […]

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La Tasquería de Javi Estévez – Offally good

Let’s er…shake things up a bit. Happy Monday foodies, hope you are all enjoying the April sunshine and are full of beans. Speaking of beans…what food can’t you […]

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Free Ben&Jerry’s Ice Cream – Tues 4th April in Madrid

#FreeConeDay – Free Ice Cream! Ice ice baby…thanks Ben & Jerry’s Throughout the course of a year, there are many “International Day of + insert food item”, perhaps […]

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10 Cool places in Madrid to check out this Spring – Part 2(6 to 10)

Happy penultimate March mid-week folks! Last  Wednesday you lucky lovely people could read about the first 5 Madrid places I am digging these days…Today let’s continue with Places […]

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10 Cool places in Madrid to check out this Spring – Part 1(1 to 5)

Happy mid-week AND mid-March folks! 2017 is well underway. That means that fun times lie ahead, i.e. longer, sunny days and the long weekends – puenteriffic. More time […]

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Let’s talk FOOD TRUCKS. II Expo Food Trucks Nuevos Ministerios

Vroom vroom, nom nom    KICKS OFF TODAY (Tues 28th Feb) UNTIL SUNDAY 5th March       Madrid’s love for food trucks and street food markets with […]

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Sucre Salón de Té – Beautiful tea salon near the Retiro/Prado/Atocha

#Tealightful A haven for breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea or spending the day there…   Tea is good for the soul  Let’s face it folks. As good as the […]

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Special Valentine’s Rodizio – why not! Vila Brasil is your place.

February 14th #ohno Valentines Day is fast approaching. Or as they call it here in Spain “The El Corte Inglés Day” – wish we were as witty as […]

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Food Events galore this fortnight in Madrid

Seriously folks. There is a whole lot of food goodness from now until the end of the month!  Sometimes in Madrid there is TOO MUCH choice. No wait, […]

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6 Best of Madrid’s food/drink/rooftop scene 2016

What a good gastro year Madrid had in 2016    #gomadrid #woooo…          #hoo.   These days there are many top notch places and up-and-coming […]

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