Funky Food Trends – Avocado, Brunch and Breakfast

Weekends are for brunchin’

Over the past few years, Brunch has become REALLY popular in Madrid and is something that a lot of places now offer on Saturdays and Sundays. I love it! A chilled, laid-back lazy Brunch with yummy food and friends – what better way to start the day. Hopefully the concept of Bottomless Brunch will follow soon as well.  

Some of the popular haunts for Brunch in and around the capital are:

  • Carmencita – for many people the best Eggs Benedict in town
  • Mür cafe – Cosy, cute and comfy brunch 
  • Panela & Co – On the leafy and ever so stylish López de Hoyos 
  • Bar Tomate – Probably the best value elegant brunch for only a tenner 
  • Habanera Brunch – A stunning and Cuban inspired restaurant from the same group as Perrachica and Marieta – Grupo Larrumba. They offer Brunch for 2 offer for €40 
  • And many more for all tastebuds and kinda purse strings (I mean brunch tends to come to at least a tenner upwards…)



But today we are here to celebrate avocado. In Spanish – aguacate. It is really nice to see avocado become more and more popular as it is just such a tasty food. Does it officially count as a Superfood? I reckon so…

As such, to follow I will share with you 3 places I dig that also serve up avocado for all you fellow avocado lovers out there. 



Plaza de las Comendadores, 9 (near Noviciado)

Average price for brunch: Around €12/13 

Federal Cafe is an Australian cafe that is so popular with Expats and locals alike that there are actual queues at the weekend, so just be warned!!! Everyone loves a bit of that distinctly easy-going, laid-back Aussie vibe and that is exactly what you get at Federal, along with a top breakfast and brunch menu that is healthy and nom in equal measures. Everything sounds and is divine – you’ve been warned x2! 

Given the Aussie influence, it will perhaps come as no great surprise that avocado features fairly prominently on the menu alongside a variety of egg dishes and different combinations of healthy things in general. The best bit is you can customize and mix and match whatever tickles your fancy. 

A must as well: the smoothies!! Especially the “batido verde” or green shake – just oozing with detoxtastic goodness.

Angloinfo Madrid - Londoner in Madrid - Federal Eggs Benedict Avocado

Angloinfo Madrid - Londoner in Madrid - Federal Avocado Toast



2 branches: C/Santa Teresa 4 (Alonso Martínez) and their new restaurant: C/Vallehermoso 72 (between Canal / Islas Filipinas)

Average price for brunch: Around €15

Despite being called MEAT, their brunch offering is actually on the light side, delicious food but in reasonable portions! I recently tried their Avocado Toast (or Avo Toast as the kids these days call it…) and  it was fresh, with deliciously soft and cuttable bread and lime and a poached egg on top. As the portions are not massive, this means you can try various things. Their breakfast “sandwich” (in a lovely brioche bun) is simply divine – I am craving one as we speak! 

Last but not least, special shout out to Meat for coming up with some great hashtags: #meatmeforbrunch is puntastic. 

Angloinfo Madrid - Londoner in Madrid - Meat - Avocado Toast

Meat Madrid - Breakfast sandwich and taco



C/Amaniel, 23  (near Noviciado, across the road from Federal)

Brunch: €16 

Roll is a really popular restaurant and cafe that is well-loved for its New American Kitchen, chicken and waffle (yes – chicken and WAFFLE, so delish) and other tasty, soulful and creative dishes. They also offer Eggs Benedicts but with a twist as it is possible to order these with Florentine sauce, to shake things up a bit! Of course, one of the options is with avocado but here instead of slices, it is served almost like guacamole, like a relish. This means you can spread it yourself, so it is simply another way to enoy avocado with your breakfast! 

Note also that instead of eggs benedict on a muffin, it is served on a soft savoury waffle – another exciting twist! 

Last but not least a big plus is: the terrace! Perfect for those lovely sunny days Madrid is famous for

 Roll - Eggs Benedict with Avocado


So, if any of these places are new for you and you fancy a bit of avocado this weekend – you know where to head to! 

Happy brunchin’ and do feel free to share with me your Avocado Love.

Betsy x 


Ps. Don’t forget my Spanish blog is La Guiri Y La Gata – where you can read about more funky restaurants, places and food trends in Madrid.