Funky Food Trends: The Sushi Burrito! El Japarrito

Food mash ups have also reached Madrid 

Fusion is not really a new concept anymore in Madrid. In fact, sometimes the term  is almost overused in that these days it isn’t uncommon to see the word pop up everywhere. Interestingly enough, fusion in Madrid often takes on the form of Asian food mixed with either Peruvian (the concept of Nikkei), South American or Spanish cuisine, something that I don’t know if it is as common in London.

A few examples of restaurants offering this kind of fusion are:

  • Ronda 14 – Japanese, Peruvian and Asturian cooking come together  
  • Pink Monkey and its newer older sister Sasha Boom – Asian, Peruvian, Mexican, Mediterranean,
  • Nakeima – Popular dumpling bar with Asian, Spanish and Western flavours
  • L’Aristan Furansu – French Japanese restaurant

However, there was one food mash up that I did have  my eye one for a while, coming from The States of course and so I couldn’t believe it when finally I saw a new restaurant called The Japanese Burrito on Calle Sagasta 14 between Bilbao and Alonso Martínez. In other words, at long last the Sushi Burrito has arrived in Madrid, in Chamberí.  Many arigato-thanks! I don’t think it’s been open even a month so this is a “quick, get there before the mass and general public descend on them” kind of heads up – you’re welcome.

El Japarrito - The Japanese Burrito
El Japarrito – The Japanese Burrito


The Japanese Burrito – new opening

Literally combining 2 of my favourite foods – Sushi and Mexican food – the sushi burrito is one of those food inventions that makes you stop and think “how on earth did someone think to mix these two things!” Having said that, it does make some sense because 1) sushi is healthy and fresh and tasty and 2) the burrito format is practical, hearty, quick and 3) why the heck not!

In the case of The Japanese Burrito (TJB), they call their unique creation the “Japarrito”, opting to focus more on the Japanese aspect rather than a spin off or variation of the already existing “Sushirrito” which is clearly referring to sushi. It is a good idea and I will explain why now.

El Japarrito - The Japanese Burrito  - Menu
El Japarrito – The Japanese Burrito – Menu


El Japarrito

They have come up with 8 Japarrito creations that all come with rice and vegetables. Note: they are not hot or heated up, served cold  

  • 4 wrapped in Nori seaweed: you can choose between Red Tuna, Mediterranean Salmon, Ceviche or the Veggie option. Comment: These look and taste like sushi but take the form of a Burrito-esque thick Temaki handroll
  • 4 wrapped in a wheat tortilla wrap: you can choose between Oriental Chicken, Cochinita Pibil, Duck Confit or Roast Beef. Comment: Whilst these may sound less exciting at first, in actual fact, these fillings they have chosen are fresh and light and in this respect I do feel it is more Japanese flavours in a Burrito than just Sushi in a Burrito shape.
  • They cost either €6.95 or €7.95 and is pretty big, perfect for sharing or mixing and matching with a buddy
  • Additionally, they offer 3 tasty sides, the choice to combine with a menu and various drinks as well as 2 Japanese beers – good old Asahi and good old Kirin.
The Japanese Burrito - Yummy meal
The Japanese Burrito – Interesting and tasty meal


First off, there is no doubt that it is very tasty and light to eat, whilst still being filling, especially with a side. A few observations:

  • The seaweed Japarrito is a tiny bit on the tricky side to eat (elegantly) as the seaweed can be a bit chewy. Also, bear in mind that normally a handroll (the nearest thing to compare it too) is far smaller and doesn’t usually contain anywhere near as many ingredients.
  • The Tortilla one is easier to cheap and can hold all the ingredients without letting anything out, and is fresh and light too. The roast beef one was really delicious tough admittedly I felt like I was eating gourmet Japanese wrap as opposed to a Sushi Burrito creation.
  • It isn’t heated up or served hot, so it just feels that tad bit healthier anyway.

As for the sides:

  • The nachos were like tortilla chips but the cheese sauce was heavenly
  • The banana chips were and are in generally highly addictive and who doesn’t like fresh guacamole!

All in all, it makes for a really pleasant meal in a funky, modern and spacious restaurant – with a downstairs eating area as well. Whilst decoration-wise the place itself is not overly Japanese, nor is it very Mexican “taquería”-esque, it is light and arty and a lot of things or details with their trademark upside RR, which is like their logo and personal touch. A bit cheeky and playful…terrific.

The Japanese Burrito - From outside
The Japanese Burrito – From outside. Calle Sagasta 14


The Japanese Burrito - Sign
The Japanese Burrito – Sign from Calle Sagasta


The Japanese Burrito - RR
The Japanese Burrito – Their cheeky RR trademark


Be Happy, Be Japarrito

Sadly I can’t claim to have come up with this catchy slogan, as it is theirs…but it is a nice message. I would highly recommend that you go check out this place and make up your own mind as to whether this is a food mash up that works…or if it’s a bit too bizarre for your taste buds.


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