III EXPO Food Trucks – Today until Sunday 4th June

Street Food O’ Clock


Did you guys catch Foodie Week by Viña Albali last week at Nuevos Ministerios? If not, do not fret because from today through to Sunday there is another funky food festival – the third edition (already!) of Expo Food Trucks, also at Nuevos Ministerios. Back in March, more than 20,000 foodies visited for the second edition and hopefully we will be able to beat that number, especially as the weather is glorious yet not quite as scorchio this week compared to last week.

The event officially kicked off this morning at 11.30am with a showcooking opening extravaganza and now it’s over to us foodies. So time to go and try some yummy and international bites and check out the latest trends in Street Food Land.*

*Not a bad name for another food festival eh…


22 Food Trucks await and a lot of FUN

Both national and international, we can expect a wide range of fabulous flavours as well as exciting new creations, such as street food – Paella version from the well-known chef Rafael Blasco with his truck Arròs i tartana. Now that sounds intriguing, wouldn’t you agree? Even more interesting is that arguably the best dish Rafa and his wife serves up is not paella…but rather CUTTLEFISH burger. So tender, so original.


2 of my other personal favourite delicacies to try are below. The Pulled Pork bun from Javier Brichetto’s El Briche Ahumado because it is just simply divine and some tasty tequeños to share with your friends, from La Cuchara Street. As you may know, now on in Madrid is also the First ever Arepas route – more on that to come very soon. So we are most certainly feeling the South-American food vibe here in the capital.

Some other food trucks to look out for:

  • Wonderfood – Street food curry that is also healthy, even a veggie option.
  • TUK TUK – they do not need any further introduction!!! Their sexy baos are another level of yum. If you need a reminder, this is a photo from my Spanish blog’s Instagram. Also, as many of you know – Rick the owner is a fellow Brit! So proud of his Tuk Tuk empire.

🔹#900 🔹Ya somos más de ⭐900⭐ en Instagram en tan pocos meses, sois tan geniales como los míticos Sexy Siao Paos de @tuktukmad…o incluso más 😉 Gracias por todo el apoyo 😎🔸🔸Tuk Tuk's Sexy Siao Paos massively rock…but so do you guys! We are #chuffed to have already over 900 La Guiri Y La Gata fans on Instagram, thanks everyone 🍾 #tuktuk #tuktukmadrid #sexysiaopao #sexysiaobao #asianstreetfood #asianfood #asianfoodmadrid #foodgram #foodporn #foodie #celebrations #celebraciones #madridblog #blogmadrid #foodiemadrid #restaurantesmadrid #quehacermadrid #quecomermadrid #guirimadrid #madridmemata #madridmemola #madridgram #instamadrid #ig_madrid #igersmadrid #nuestromadrid #coolmadrid #laguiriylagata

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  • Dando Huertas – representing delicious vegetarian food at Expo Food Trucks!
  • La Pirulina – because pink rocks as does sweet things – just look at Maria below
  • Rolling – more pink and sweet goodness and one of the most well-decorated caravans! Cristina has thought of everything


Sated? Well then make sure you swing by Street Experience and say hi to the smiley and cheerful Gonzalo (below) and Edu and try some excellent great craft beers – trust their recs! If you want to know something funny, Gonzalo’s brother is also called Edu and you will also be able to see him at the Pilsner Urquell truck.

By the way, on Thursday 1st June at 7pm they will be showcasing Oedipus at their super funky and big food truck – Dutch craft beer.



Last but not least, you just have to go and say hi to Roberto and Rafa at La Flor de Mojito – the spirit of Cuba and amazing mojitos at Expo! We were there last night and had a such a laugh – they have some moves! Such a great addition to the Expo family and we can’t wait to swing by on Fri or Sat night.

You can check out Rafa’s moves and rhythm here:

🔹#CUBA 🇨🇺🔹 ___ (Slideshow 🎥🖼) ¿Un pedacito de Cuba en un food festival de Madrid, con #mojitos de muerte de sabores únicos como #jengibre, #pepino y hasta #remolacha? ¿Con #música y #ambientazo un martes, gente bailando y disfrutando? ➡➡➡ ¡La Flor de Mojito en @expo_food_trucks_sl! Empezó ayer, hasta el Domingo – 22 food trucks 🔝 🔸🔸The spirit, soul, rhythm and passion of Cuba in #NuevosMinisterios. Absolutely brilliant dancing and #cocktails, with @madridlowcost. Fun and happy vibe at #ExpoFoodTrucks until Sunday. ___ #eft #foodfestival #castellana #foodtrucks #laflordemojito #cubamadrid #mojitogram #instamojito #dancing #bailar #foodiesmadrid #madrid #igersmadrid #igerscuba #quehacermadrid #planesmadrid #planazo #madridlowcost #laguiriylagata

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Gluten-intolerant? There is something for you too…

What’s more, in this edition there will be food suitable for “los celiacos” or those with a gluten-intolerance. Given that May 27th was the National Coeliac Day, this edition of Expo Food Trucks will be showing off La Pavoneta from Asturias – the very first national food truck specialising in gluten-free food. Great news, because we should all be able to enjoy good healthy street food.

Ibericoteca will also be offering gluten-free and lactose-free burgers, as well as gluten-free ham and meats, in collaboration with Arturo Sánchez.


Key deets

Where is all this street food goodness? Nuevos Ministerios – as you leave the main train station bit.

Opening hours (vary depending on the day): 12 to 10pm Tuesday – Thursday 1st June. 12 – midnight Friday and Saturday 3rd. Sunday 4th until 7.30pm.


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Have fun!

Do share your photos and food with me and the Angloinfo Madrid community.
Miss Street Betsy x