The Urban Bits – Mini donut goodness – New place!

The Urban Bits


Get your DONUT on in Chueca

So foodies, I kinda have to apologise in advance. Why you ask? Because if you also become addicted to new cool Chueca hangout The Urban Bits (or TUB for short, not TBT, or TTYL…) owned by Leonardo and Jésbely and their delicious mini donuts, pancakes, milkshakes…no pointing the sweet blame finger please! So you will have to accept full donut responsibility. Okay?

Now that we are on the same page – let’s get down to business and get Instagram out because this place is totally instagrammable.

Why does The Urban Bits rock? 3 big reasons:

1. Beautiful Bitesize donuts – delicious flavourpacked bits 😉 ahh you see – that are BAKED, not fried. This greatly reducing the oily/greasy/unhealthy factor, which sometimes personally can be offputting. The taste changes completely, especially as in addition they use fresh products every single day and are artesanal in their preparation. No additives, no colourings. That’s the way it should be!


2. Speaking of taste…the most exciting and mouth-watering flavours!!! I mean, I’m not even a big donut fan admittedly but even I was massively tempted by the range on flavour – from bacon (BACON!! with maple, very ooh la la) to pistachio to oreo to strawberry to nutella…wait, we are still talking about donuts? Nutella donuts? Oh boy…


3. As if that variety wasn’t tempting enough, they have even more things on the menu. The pancakes are divine but really, you cannot possibly walk out of there without trying one of their milkshakes or ced drinks, to perfectly complement the donuts and cool down at the same time. The Urban Bits is basically a donut shop and coffee shop-in-one.

I love it that they have taken something typically associated with The States and given it a healthy, dainty makeover. Instead of opting for XL, we have now the option to enjoy delicious donuts version XS – which is something I am personally grateful for!




Born to be shared is their hashtag and born to be shared is the right way forward. As the more the merrier…I mean, referring to donuts of course 😉 this kind of snacky bitesize food is perfect to enjoy with friends either there on the spot, or outside Chueca or Malasaña slicking, or at home with Uber. The prices are reasonable as well, so won’t break the bank either for anyone. Win-win!


Remember – good things come in small packages and in the case of The Urban Bits, couldn’t be more true!


Where is this wonderful place? C/Augusto Figueroa, 12 

Opening hours? 10am to 10pm – that’s 12 whole hours of goodness

Price-wise, what will my wallet say? Your wallet will be happy with you. Bits range from €1 to €1.40 and you can even order little boxes for either €2.50 for 3, or €5 for 6. Go for the donut sixpack, I say!

What’s their Insta? @theurbanbits