A fresh look on Sunday morning in Madrid!

If you are looking for a change of pace and want to avoid the museum crowds I have the place for you!


Even though I have lived n Madrid for ten years I always try to keep up on my museum visits.  Recently I went to the Hopper Exhibit at the Thyessen Museum and it was absolutely fantastic expect for one thing…the crowd.  Too many people.  It was a big exhibit, in fact the most popular exhibit ever apparently so sometime you just have to accept it.


So when I got up early one Sunday I decided I wanted to do something I had not yet done in Madrid and thought it was the perfect time to finally go to the Sorolla Museum over on Paseo del General Martínez Campos, 37.  The collection is housed in the old residence of Joaquin Sorolla and his family, its more of a mini palace than an old house complete with garden and court yard. (You do not have to pay to see the garden at the entrance)



The residence is filled with a complete range of his painted works, sculptures, antiques and personal belongings.  The home itself is a great perspective into that period of Spanish painting and architecture.  I am a fan of Sorolla but the best part of the visit for me was that we virtually had the museum to ourselves.  Keep in mind we arrived early just after opening at 9:30am.  It is not very expensive, in fact I was surprised when they told me Sunday morning is free of charge!  Each museum in Madrid has its own specific qualities and the Sorolla is not different, but this experience was nice and easy.  Beautiful art work in a great setting with not too many people.  Just what I was looking for


My suggestion: Get up early on Sunday and go for a pre-brunch visit to the museum!

All photographs by: Ron Otto

Sorolla Museum

Paseo del General Martínez Campos, 37  

28010 Madrid

+34 913 10 15 84