For a long while I was pulled by the vast empty landscape of El Maestrat, the mountains that stretch across the province of Castellón. The echoes of the moors responded at every twist and turn of the mountain roads, etched in the ubiquitous dry stone walling of their slopes.  These were built painstakingly by hand over centuries and have left a magnificent legacy which has transformed much of the hinterland, here and elsewhere in Spain, into picturesque terraces of almond and olive trees.

Eventually I bought a finca (farm basically) and so started to learn more about El Maestrat.  It has changed a lot since then and in some ways I yearn for it the way it was.  It is for this reason that I am documenting as much as I can around me.  Before the region adapts to the music of the modern world, and before all that is left is photos of the past and realities of the present.

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The ghost airport of Castellon comes to life!

They said it would never happen.   The cost was toted across the world as a crying shame and it was.  Several politicians stated incorrectly that it was not […]

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Silk in Valencia, and paella and La albufera

There is a striking monastery outside Albocasser with a small café run by Monche who used to be a radio presenter. It was here, under the arches at […]

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The lost village of La Estrella

La Estrella is a village 24 kilometres from Mosqueruela and the same again from Vilafranca. From the first town the track is of dirt and very bumpy, largely […]

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Toni the melliferous beekeeper

Toni is a professional beekeeper and an educator, not to mention someone with movie star presence. He promotes the awareness of bees, the important role they play in the […]

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Imbibing at the Useres wine festival

   Give me any excuse for a glass of wine and I will be there.  Two years ago Useres introduced their first ever wine festival celebrating the resurgence […]

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Was ready to love Ryanair and "kind of" do, or not

You are rubbing your eyes. You cannot believe what you are reading. Somebody who has publicly criticized Ryanair for years is saying she “was ready to love Ryanair”? […]

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If it is still alive here, it will do fine on your finca

  Two years ago I had a lot of large tractor holes dug for a lot of trees. I want to be known as the lady (ok woman) […]

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Its that time of the year again

  I can believe, but do not want to believe how quickly time goes by. It is already the beginning of March and the almond blossoms are bursting […]

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Living art in a haze

A friend of mine kept on talking about an artist who used to live in Majorca and had had considerable international success with his paintings of the beautiful […]

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How to peel a prickly cactus fruit and why you should

You go into the super market, or even the wonderful food market in El Cabanyal, El Maestrat or Valencia (have to talk about the places I know) and […]

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