Snow brings white relief to the recession

After a year without much rain, I looked out the kitchen window at 7 am to see a  beautiful full moon rising in the dawn sky besides Penyagolosa.  At that moment it began to snow and by mid morning it was quite a flurry.

For one whole day I could not get out of my finca and when I finally made it down to Bar Almendros the TV beamed out images of  chaos caused by this novel  development.  Then, as quickly as it came, it receded, leaving parents and kids to toss lone snowballs gleaned from  the last vestiges of snow on the tops of cars. 

The snow might be a surprise here, but in truth it is just a sprinkling .  The lovely thing is that after a few days, its gradual seeping into  the ground has given the parched vegetation roots a continual slow soak and  turned the landscape from a dreary depressing grey to verdant green.  The change is so dramatic I am amazed. 

Also, refreshingly, it makes a change from the talk of recession.  The news casters must be relieved to have something different to report. 

“View from the back of the house two days ago”