I am a Danish communications consultant, copywriter, journalist and blogger, who never planned to live in Geneva. Until the moment I met The Charming Swiss Man.

I have walked and biked hundreds of miles, eaten at a countless number of restaurants, tried to understand the culture, had 54 hours of French lessons and knocked my head on the table thousands of times as a result of all the shitty paperwork I have to do all the time – in French!

Professionally I work as a freelance communications consultant, copywriter, journalist and blogger, so if you need a person like me to help you with your communications, public relations, social media or copy/ghostwriting of articles, blogs, newsletter etc., feel free to visit my company here: www.mainplot.com

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Twitter: @ninamariamoerk

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Street dating in Geneva

  I’ve been travelling a lot, also in rough and male chauvinist countries, but honestly Geneva is one of the cities where I’ve met most creepy men. It’s […]

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Every screen has a story

This week is the week of the international film festival in Geneva, Cinema Tous Ecrans, and I love it. During the week November 4th to 10th, the festival […]

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Sunday Brunch at Alhambar

I’ve had a lot of troubles trying to find a proper Sunday Brunch in Geneva. For me bread with nutella, crossaints with or without chocolate and sweet cakes […]

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Where to find unique jewelry in Geneva

When I have time I like to sneak around and be inspired in the lovely boutique L’Autre in the city centre of Geneva. I often just pass to […]

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Spice heaven in Geneva

I love to cook, but when I first arrived in Geneva I ran into troubles. I couldn’t find half of the spices I needed. Of cause I did […]

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The best secret café in Geneva

I’ve been in doubt whether I should write this blog post or not. On one hand I would like to share this café with all of you, on […]

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The importance of apéro in Geneva

If you have tried to live in more than one country, you already have discovered that each country have its own special linguistic concepts for moments that are […]

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Now with a Swiss driver license

I’ve got a new driver license! A Swiss driver license to be specific. A month ago a girlfriend told me I had to change my original driver license […]

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