Spice heaven in Geneva

Spice heaven in Geneva

I love to cook, but when I first arrived in Geneva I ran into troubles. I couldn’t find half of the spices I needed. Of cause I did find the basis stuff as rosemary, thyme, coriander and so on, but I was especially looking after allspice (both powdered and in whole seeds and not to confuse with cloves) and curcumin (again both powdered and in whole seeds and this time not to confuse with cumin).

[Yes, at that time I was a big fan of the Middle East kitchen.]

It was impossible to find the spices. When I asked among the friends of The Charming Swiss Man, nobody could help me. The best advices were to look at Globus and Manor, but this didn’t solve my troubles.

Today I found the solution. By chance I passed Magasin Lyzamit and this must be spice heaven no. 1 in Geneva. They have everything, and if you don’t find what you’re looking for, I’m sure they can order it to you. The store is absolutely unique and I could easily spend some hours looking in all their glasses, bags and boxes.

Magasin Lyzamit

3, Rue des Corps-Saints

1201 Geneve

Beans and other good stuff

Almonds in a glass


Corn in a bag