Street dating in Geneva


I’ve been travelling a lot, also in rough and male chauvinist countries, but honestly Geneva is one of the cities where I’ve met most creepy men.

It’s especially bad in summer time as there’s always somebody who wants to “entertain” you. I find it extremely annoying. It’s not because I don’t like to talk with strangers on the streets, but countless times I’ve been followed streets up and down by men who “Je t’aime” me and wants to know where my hotel is (well, I do look nordic and not so local) or men who more or less “move” into my picnic blanket in the park when I’m reading a book (with the result that I’ll leave).

Anyways, I have many stories about strange rendezvous and I’ll not entertain you with them all. Instead I’ll just show you the latest. Look at the picture. A man gave me this note the other morning at 9.15 am (!!!) on the street. What on earth??? Street dating??? Who’ll say yes to an offer like that???