Sunday Brunch at Alhambar

Photo from Alhambar

I’ve had a lot of troubles trying to find a proper Sunday Brunch in Geneva. For me bread with nutella, crossaints with or without chocolate and sweet cakes has nothing to do with proper breakfast. I would go insane if I had to start the morning with sucker bombs in that caliber.

I guess it’s the same as eating at MC Donald’s. You’re happy the first 30 minutes and then you start feeling depressed and having a hate relationship to your body. And after two burps and one fart you’ll be hungry again. I’m right?

Anyways, to make a long story short; I need normal food in the morning. Stuff like eggs, green beans, tomatoes, salmon (yes, I’m from the north), cheese  and so on. Healthy stuff with protein that gives me good energy for the day and not just empty calories.

It seems like I don’t share my breakfast habits with the Swiss. In fact it had been very difficult to discover places for Sunday brunches with a menu card having other offers than crossaint, hot chocolate, tartines and cake.

One of the places in Geneva that offer a ok brunch [note ok = not anything special compared to what you can get in other countries] is Alhambar. Here you can choose between different omelet’s, salads and so on. The place is extremely cozy decorated, but you have to arm yourself with an almost endless patience if you want to order your food as the place is very well visited.

Alhambar is not a place for families with kids, so don’t go there if you plan to bring a pram and a 2-year old kid who just want to play and meet other kids. If you need a Sunday brunch for the entire family, then read Sunday Brunch with Children.


10 rue Rôtisserie

1205 Genève