The best secret café in Geneva

The Cottage Cafe in Geneva

I’ve been in doubt whether I should write this blog post or not. On one hand I would like to share this café with all of you, on the other hand I want to keep it for myself.

The Charming Swiss man showed me this place some weeks after I arrived in Geneva. I had started daily French classes at Ifage and I was almost dying (Read: it is pretty tough to start school again and to learn a new language).

It was by no way fun to fight the French vocabulary daily, so one evening he invited me to Cottage Cafe, so we could make the homework in another setting. And that worked!

When I stepped into this little charming house in the middle of the park with its nice and cozy interior I was sold. After two glasses of red wine and some tapas I was in heaven and suddenly the French language wasn’t so bad at all.

Since that evening Cottage Cafe has been my favorite cafe in the city. I do all my business meetings and girlfriend rendezvous at the cafe. They serve a great lunch and in the evening they offer tapas.

Latest I introduced a pregnant girlfriend for the place and her first sentence was something like: “Wow, this is like Berlin or Amsterdam, I didn’t knew that Geneva had a place like this and I’ve been living here for five years!” When I spoke with her last time, she told me that Cottage Cafe now was her daily maternity leave office and that she every day went for a cup of tea with her little Emma.

Cottage Café

7 Adhémar-Fabri

1201 Geneva