Where to find unique jewelry in Geneva

Photo of red earrings, copyright Nina Maria Mørk

When I have time I like to sneak around and be inspired in the lovely boutique L’Autre in the city centre of Geneva. I often just pass to see if something new has arrived or if I can find the perfect earrings for a new dress.

L’Autre is a shop full of vintage accessories from the period 1930 – 1980. Earrings, rings, necklaces, brooches … you name it. You can find everything in this shop [I guess] and it’s a shop you need to know if you have a passion for vintage and retro style. As I do. The selection is huge and full of beautiful, original and funny stuff you didn’t imagine existed.

If you’re a man looking for the perfect gift for a woman you love, this is also the place to go [note to The Charming Swiss Man].


4 place de Grenus

1201 Geneva

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Unique earrings from L'Autre in Geneva

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