After thirteen hectic, wonderful years of living in London my husband came home one day and announced he’d been offered a job in Switzerland. Geneva was going to be our destination. I agreed enthusiastically, envisioning a future of glittering white mountain peaks, excellent schools, Sunday ski trips and unparalleled medical care for us and the children.

Three years down the line I am happy to say that my expectations haven’t been disappointed. However, I have also come to realise that adjusting to life in Geneva as an “accidental trailing spouse” can be a lot more baffling than I’d imagined. This blog recounts my efforts to take the rough with the smooth, and retain sanity along the way.

Originally from Italy, I moved to London after graduating from the University of Florence and worked at the BBC for many years. I moved to Geneva in 2008 and during this time I worked as a freelance writer for various publications whilst playing mother hen to my three young children.

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Dijon with Kids

No more than 150km from Geneva, Dijon is the capital of the Burgundy region and one of France’s most charming cities. A lively university town whose picture-perfect town […]

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Ciné au Palais in Lausanne

If your little explorers love documentaries, don’t miss the upcoming Ciné au Palais in Lausanne on the 1st & 2nd of February 2014. A world-class selection of recent documentaries, which won international […]

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Puro Gelato

I’ve already posted about my ice-cream addiction (I was raised in Italy after all!) so please bear with me if I bend your ears about it again. I am afraid […]

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Geneva Summer festival

Now that summer is in full swing, the time has come to celebrate Geneva’s Summer Festival, known as Les Fêtes de Genève. From the 18th of July to the 11th […]

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Great Thai Bistro in Geneva

First of all, I have to thank Italian expat Francesco for mentioning the Aéro Bistro to me during dinner one evening. We were talking about Thai restaurants in Geneva and he […]

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A Cat at the Opera

The Geneva Grand Théâtre is synonym with great cultural shows for the whole family. The latest treat they have in store for families with young kids is Le […]

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Easter Fun in Vaud

If you’re spending the Easter holidays here with your little bunnies don’t miss “PâKOMUZé”, a fantastic initiative for the whole family taking place from the 29th of March […]

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Gardening at the Castle

If you’re a keen gardener or still a beginner but raring to learn more, why not make the most of spring and take a gardening course in the […]

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Free Family Fun in Carouge

It’s not always easy to find some indoor activities for our little ones during these cold winter days, but the good news is that the libraries in Carouge […]

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Ski Schools in Geneva

This is probably the best time of the year in Geneva (and Vaud of course!): what can be more iconic and exhilarating than waking up to the sight […]

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