Great Thai Bistro in Geneva

First of all, I have to thank Italian expat Francesco for mentioning the Aéro Bistro to me during dinner one evening. We were talking about Thai restaurants in Geneva and he told me this little bistro served some of the best Thai food he’d ever tasted in the area. And boy was he right…

The Aéro Bistro in Meyrin is a true hidden gem, huddled at the far end of Route H.C. Forestier behind Geneva airport and has a very simple, basic appearance but please don’t let this put you off because when you can bite into a delicious, fully-flavoured Thai curry who cares about fancy colour schemes?

Red Beef Curry ©


Watch planes take off at the Aéro Bistro, Meyrin ©


The Aéro Bistro serves both traditional Swiss dishes like fondue, malakoffs, tartare and a selection of utterly delicious Thai dishes. Prices are very reasonable at around 10CHF for a starter, 20CHF for a main dish and 17CHF for a plat du jour.

Expat Husband and I went for Pad Thai, chicken & mushroom soup, spring rolls and red beef curry. I wish I could share the flavour of these dishes here because I fear words won’t do it justice. The individual taste of fresh herbs and spices came through with every bite and then delicately melded together: I love it when I can bite into chunks of galangal, sweet Thai basil, kaffir lime leaves and lemon grass in a Thai dish and then let the coconut milk harmonize it all with its sweet aroma.

If you’re looking for a finger-licking-good Thai bistro that is affordable and off the beaten path, look no further than the Aéro Bistro in Meyrin. You can thank Francesco later.

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Aéro Bistro

Route H.C. Forestier 36

1217 Meyrin

Next door to the Aéroclub de Genève.

Tel. 022 788 01 33


Thai dishes available every lunchtime except on Sundays and every evening.

Traditional Swiss dishes available every lunchtime except on Saturdays and every evening.

The restaurant closes at 6pm on Sundays and Mondays.