Ski Schools in Geneva

This is probably the best time of the year in Geneva (and Vaud of course!): what can be more iconic and exhilarating than waking up to the sight of those glorious white peaks encircling the city like a glittering crown ?

As I drive towards Nyon every morning, I love to follow the fleecy outline of the Jura range with my eyes, so refulgent and pearl-white even when the lowland is clouded in grey.

This is also the time to get your little buttons on the ski-slopes: you’ll be amazed by how quickly they can learn & how fearless they are compared to their old folks.

Here’s some personal advice on what we think are the best ski schools for kids in the area, especially very young ones (our boys started when they were 3 years-old). We have chosen the closest ones, so you can arrange to take the children skiing without having to plan it all months in advance.

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SWITZERLAND: Saint-Cergue – 35 mins from Geneva / 20 mins from Nyon. You’ll find two options in Saint-Cergue   for beginners and little kids aged 3 to 7:

1. Ski school La Trélasse. This is Expat Husband’s absolute favourite. The school is fantastic, the teachers are excellent (many speak a multitude of languages) and all are very experienced with children. The Swiss teaching style seems to be very hands on (or rather…‘ski on’) with the little ones, focusing on getting them on the slopes fast and enjoy it.

There is also a tobogan ski lift called Funlift at La Trélasse, which is great fun – you get given big rubber rings to sledge down the hill with. On a sunny day, with the snow covered pine trees the setting is stunning…


2. Ski school “la Dôle”. For a greater choice of slopes and more experienced skiers then the Swiss ski school “la Dôle” is perfect. Again, great teachers, and a choice of red and even a black piste for the more experienced skiers. Weekly group lessons are available – check their website for more info on group or private lessons (they also have special courses during the school holidays in February).


FRANCE: Col de la Faucille (Pays de Gex)

Very easy to get to, so much so it is less than 35 mins door to door. There are two ski schools: the International ski school Col de la Faucille and the “Ecole du Ski Français” at ESF Mijoux La Faucille.

La Faucille © Geneva Family Diaries


It is a bit harder to find English speaking teachers, but it is a good alternative if St Cergue is fully booked. Group lessons are available, and prices are a bit cheaper than in Switzerland.


Make the most of this winter wonderland on your doorstep, I promise you it’s so close that you can be out of the house, on the slopes and back again within 2 hours !