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My name is Barb. I am from Canada, married for 27-some years with Fritz, who is Swiss. I have lived in Switzerland for over 30 years. People often ask where in Switzerland I am from, as I speak the language fluently, but they can’t put a name on my dialect. I would never “give up” my Canadian citizenship to “become” Swiss. Although I speak the language, know more about Swiss Geography, History, Traditions and Customs better than most Swiss, my heart and soul will always be with the maple leaf.
However, I have seen, heard, experienced and lived through good and bad times in Switzerland. I have assimilated, learned the language, learned to cook the food, laugh at the jokes, can hold my conversion in what’s going on politically and talk about the weather as well as any foreigner can in this country.

To visit my Blog go to http://www.barbwhite.swissblog.ch

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Beware of internet "deals"

I am sure that some or even most of you are registered with one of the many “deal” emails that are going around Switzerland (and the rest of […]

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Planting on a full moon

You are never too old to learn a new trick or 2, I was talking with some of my farmer lady friends this week, who were all very […]

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2 vehicles 1 licence plate – VERY handy indeed!

There is something in Switzerland I thought I’d share with you that I think is quite unique to this country. It’s called „Wechselschilder“.   Wechselschilder are vehicle licence […]

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A picture's worth 1000 words

These were taken on March 22nd in front of my house – nb.- it was 16°C the week before, and now, 1 week later AGAIN 16°C!   […]

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Temperatures dropping -but that's OK….

Yes, he inevitable has happened. Summer has come and gone in Switzerland. What started out as a disastrous cold, wet, ucky summer turned out to have a brilliant […]

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Red sky at night…..

…now I learned this to say   …… sailor’s delight.   However, my South African friends say Shephard’s delight… which may be true that it is the original […]

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Picture Post

A Sunday morning walk…..early   Good Morning Sunshine. […]

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Picture of the day- above the rainbow

Funny feeling today driving down my mountain, and seeing the rainbow BELOW me! Off I went to look for the pot of gold at the end! Did I […]

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Summer? What summer? Where's summer?

It’s so often the same old story. The weather is in the mid 20-‘s in April and May in Switzerland, June goes down to 20 and everyone complains. […]

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It's that time of year on the Swiss Countryside!

Oh no, it’s that time of year again.   The snow has melted, the trees are in bloom. We cut our grass for the second time already, and […]

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