Beware of internet "deals"

I am sure that some or even most of you are registered with one of the many “deal” emails that are going around Switzerland (and the rest of the world.)






to name a few- but beware

The so-called “savings” with these deals are sometimes not quite as they seem to be.  The original prices are very often NOT the published prices, rather “DEAL” prices.

Here is an example.

There was a dry-cleaning special advertised for 62% off. Great- However- when my friend bought and paid for the deal, and then went to give her husbands’s 4 shirts to be dry-cleaned she was charged only 5% less than the advertised price! She went FAR with this case, legally and was granted her advertised reduction, but only after 6 months of “proving her point”. The business in question printed a special price list for customers of ____-Deal . (no names named here.) Of course the business was taken off their list.

My own personal experience was that I bought a garden furniture set of a 2-1-1 seating with a table and stool for 60% off the price.  I have to this day to find the SAME set, but am sure that there was a good saving here. HOWEVER in my contract it said that the goods would be delivered within 14 days of purchase (money up front)- after 2 months I received PART of the seating arrangement, and am still- 10 weeks later waiting for the rest. I have written 6 emails, telephone calls weekly, and the answer is always the same. The goods have been sent out in a container number XYZ and should arrive next week, and which time we shall send them to our land-deliverer- and they will be sent to you. The money was paid 10 weeks ago, and the goods not yet delivered. I can’t cancel the order, what good would that do me, have already received half of the set!!!!!


Another good experience is that I booked a 3 night stay in Davos with my husband for a getaway in July, and that was great. I paid SFr. 399.00 instead of 800.00 and we received a lovely room, half pension for 3 nights and had a great time.

A friend of mine booked a cruise at 70% off and also was totally delighted with it.

If you do book such deals a word of warning is

1. Call in advance of the REAL price – or check in out in the internet or ask friends

2. Don’t book something like a “Menu Surprise” in a restaurant, or you may sadly surprised. (surprise may mean leftover menu, and “housewine” may be wine that no one else would dare order.)

3. Read about the delivery terms, and call in advance to ask what happens if you DON’T receive the goods on time

4. Be sure that delivery is included, or check the postal costs of receiving your goods

Have fun with the deals, and good luck saving money, some are great, and some should not be allowed at all.