Dog taxes !

The doorbell rang today, and my neighbourhood policeman was standing there smiling ear to ear. Normally my heart would skip a beat having him ring my doorbell, but not at this time of the year.

Why not?

Because, the beginning of November is “collect the dog tax time”.  AND, the way in which they do this is Switzerland, well in my “neck of the woods” is quite a joke. Our neighbourhood Policeman, (Herr Engel – translated as Mr. Angel -hahahah) drives door to door with his little “blöckli” (notepad) and collects his dues –  a total of SFr. 120.00 for my Chili. Yes,SFr. 120.00!!! once a yes, every year!!! Dog tax you ask? Yes, Dog Tax. The Swiss are specialists for taxing you from church tax (if you show up on Sunday or not) to 30% lottery tax- taken off your winnings automatically.

Typically Swiss is also the fact that you don’t pay the same amount of Hundesteuer from Canton to Canton –  and not even from dog to dog!! (the second costs MORE than the first. (yikes!)

AND typically Swiss- the farmers don’t have to pay for their four legged helpers as they are seen as a “necessity” for them to  have. Don’t ask me the logic behind this, I didn’t and never will. And for what IS the SFr. 120.00?  No idea. They say that it is for the people who come and change the bags in the Robidog –  the little containers at the side of the road where we throw the collected droppings! Oh well. The funny part (actually not funny at all) is that the FARMERS don’t pick up their dog’s droppings- AND they don’t have to pay the tax.

Oh well.

Here’s something for you to contemplate

Hundeabgabe: Neu müssen die Gemeinden dem Kanton pro Hund und Jahr 30Franken abliefern. Deshalb haben die meisten Gemeinden die Höhe ihrer Hundeabgabe erhöht. Gemäss Hundegesetz kann der Kanton von den Gemeinden bis zu 50 Franken verlangen. Laut Regierungsrat wird der Gemeindebeitrag in den kommenden Jahren jedoch nicht erhöht. Den Gemeinden räumt das Gesetz eine Spannweite von 70 bis 200 Franken pro Hund und Jahr ein. (leu/nus)

…which translated means that the taxes are anywhere from Sfr. 30.00 – 200.00 (!) and the Gemeinde (Community) gets to decide how much it is. In Zurich it was raised from 70 – 120.00 in just one year!

What can you do if you don’t want to pay the taxes?

Buy a farm or buy a cat!