It's that time of year on the Swiss Countryside!

Oh no, it’s that time of year again.


The snow has melted, the trees are in bloom.

We cut our grass for the second time already, and have been barbecueing for 3 weeks now!

The neighbourhood pools are open, and only 2 more weeks of school.

My flowers in the garden are in colours of pink, purple, orange and white.

The kids are wearing flipflops again.

And then…

The farmers, oh yes the farmers in Switzerland.

The cows are out in the pasture, the geraniums hung in their homes decorating the country in colours of pink and red.

Back to the cows, the lovely cows that give us our famous milk, cheese and chocolate.

The cows that give us

Yes, that.

My mountain, my tiny little mountain is about to be SPLATTERED

Splattered with MANURE! Ugh, yuck, pfuie!

The farmers park their tractors by their huge mountain of goo in the barns, load them up, get their hoses and spraying contraptions ready and them psssstttt, This way and that, left to right the slimy gooy STINKY stuff flies through the air, contaminating the nice smelling roses, lavendar, and blooming treebuds. The green grass turns brown and bikers, hikers, dog walkers beware!!!! MY dog LOVES the stuff, she rolls in it, like a pig in mud and OMG, the smell is almost IMPOSSIBLE to get out of her fur, her skin, ugh again.

I will never understand how the little Swiss Farmer’s wives let them in for lunch- never understand how their lungs can put up with the stink! I try to hold my breath for as long as I can.


So IF you are new to Switzerland, and driving through the countryside, be careful before taking in the first strong whiff of mountain air, you might be surpised just what you smell! Ah, the wonders of living in the countryside