Planting on a full moon

You are never too old to learn a new trick or 2, I was talking with some of my farmer lady friends this week, who were all very excited to get their spring-summer planting moving yesterday, May 5th. The reason vein the full moon! In the back of my mind I think I can recall my Dad telling me something about it, and this year I have tried it out.

I quoted this from the Facebook Backyard Diva

Old Wives Tale….

Plant your veggie garden by the full moon in May for great yields!

“Gardening by the phases of the moon is a technique that can speed the germination of your seeds by working with the forces of nature.

Plants respond to the same gravitational pull of tides that affect the oceans, which alternately stimulates root and leaf growth. Seeds sprout more quickly, plants grow vigorously and at an optimum rate, harvests are larger and they don’t go to seed as fast. This method has been practiced by many for hundreds of years, and is a perfect compliment to organic gardening”

Soooo, off I go to the local grocery store, gardener and “Landi” to fill up my car with flats of flowers galore! I spent the entire after afternoon planting, pruning and it was such good fun that I felt totally relaxed and happy at the end of it!

I am anxious to see my seeds sprout, and plants take root and blossom and bloom when the weather warms up !

Wish me luck!!