Sending Christmas parcels home – or don’t pay more for postage than for the gifts!

I am not sure how it is in other parts of the world, but in Switzerland, it seems that the Christmas season starts at the first week in November.

Globus, Jelmoli, Migros and Co. have turned the place around and everything is shining and glowing and twinkling with the Christmas spirit. I told myself (as I do every year) that I will get those gifts bought  sent off in time to save postage and send them EARLY to avoid the unbelievable costs of mailing parcels from Switzerland.

A word of warning- learn about prices before you pack up those parcels and send them to your loved ones.

Watch out !
A parcel not matter if it weights 1 gram-1.99 gkg cost the same price. AND, a parcel weighing 2kg costs the very same as one weighing 4.99kg!                                               
That means that 1 chocolate bar costs the same to send in the mail as 19 chocolate bars!                                                  
It also means that 2 kg of cheese costs the same to send as 2kg of cheese, 2kg of chocolate AND a pound of first class Swiss coffee including the packaging!
Another thing I learned over the years and hundreds of francs later is that A and B (Priority or Economy) are really confusing to the general public, and of  little or no relevance when it comes to sending parcels. 
I would suggest that you send your parcels, especially at Christmas time EARLY and PRIORITY mail. The price difference is minimal.
A parcel weighing up to 2kg going to North America Economy posts costs SFr. 45.00 – and 2-5 kg SFr. 58.00 and take2 1-4 weeks
The same parcel sent Priority – 1-3 days(!) costs Fr. 52.00 and 2-5 kg Sfr. 72.00. – So, your choice!
Be careful if you are thinking of “throwing in” one more chocolate bar for dear Aunt Hazel before taping and tagging that parcel, it could end up costing you a fortune!
What I do is weigh my goodies in box before I go to the post office, and literally take 2 trips before sending it off.
First trip is to have it all of my goodies weighed, and pick up the endless forms to be filled out for customs.home.
The second trip is with the wrapped parcel, filled out forms and bundle of money to pay for my Christmas present’s journey over the ocean.

The moral of the story is: Check the postal prices of sending parcels BEFORE you go on your Christmas shopping spree, and decide if you want to spend money on the gifts or on the postage! Think about the weight and if it is really worth the cost! If at all possible send gifts with friends and family if the happen to be visiting you-
It’s worth it!