Speeding in Switzerland – watch out for the cement police!

Speeding in Switzerland

The rules of the road are very strict in Switzerland, especially speeding…

They have what they call “cement policemen” at the side of the road, middle of the road or in tunnels little boxes that are there permanently going click click click taking pictures of the cars going by (too fast)- using the funds to finance the policemen and women of the city. These little cement policement also send the picture home if you want them to or not! This is one way to get a picture of your car, but definitely an expensive one.

Above the list of what speeding will cost you.

Red: within the city limits

Blue: outskirts of city

Black: Highway

The green list is the “leeway” your are given – ie. if you driving 72  in a 50 km zone, (yes, that sounds fast, but can happen, right?)  5 would be taken off for a “fixed radar” – the so-called cement police, 3 would be taken off for laser radar, and 7 for mobile radar (these are REALLY sneeky,) mobile little plug-in out of space looking dudes that can be seen ANYWHERE and catch you at ANY time! Anyway, back to my case in study – so you are driving 72 in a 50, with a cement police- take off 5, =67- 17 over so you lose your licence “V” and get charged and go to court.- this is all if it happens in the city. If on the outskirts you “only” have to pay SFr. 240.00!

One REALLY tricky way to collect is putting an 80 zone right on the highway (Autobahn).  This often happens when a tunnel is coming up. So, you are zooming along at 125km/hour (the speed limit is 120) minding your own business, then out of nowhere an 80 sign pops up, and you slam on the brakes on the highway to try to avoid the you know what – BLITZ-LIGHTENING-UGH they got me again. Nicht Normal so the Swiss say, – not normal that 3 meters behind the out of nowhere 80 sign a mobile plug in radar went off! 125 minus slamming on the brakes =110  minus 7 leeway =103 =23 over= SFr. 260.00!!! – or if I’m lucky I slammed on harder and made it to 19 over costing me only Sfr. 180.09

Sheesh, will I ever learn?!?