Lesser London Icons

Whilst everyone knows and visits the more high profile and widely publicised landmarks in the capital, there are some truly iconic buildings and structures equally worthy of a visit (or a photograph).

Tower Bridge is the Thames-spanning structure that we all know and love, but the Albert Bridge is often forgotten.  Perhaps less architecturally complex than it’s neighbour to the east, the bridge is one of the oldest in London and is still beautiful in it’s relative simplicity. Especially when captured in that limbo between day and night as below. Connecting Chelsea in the north to Battersea in the south, this bridge dates back to the 1870’s and is well worth a visit.

Moving into the heart of London, this posts Urban image is considerably less ‘urban’ than you will have been used to from this blog. Piccadilly Arcade is a truly iconic piece of urban architecture dating back to the early 20th Century and linking Piccadilly and Jermyn Street. Even if your wallet can’t afford the high ticket brand names gracing it’s halls, the arcade is worth a visit just to appreciate the architecture of the period. Another must see.