Light and Colour – the photographer’s tricks

For this blog posting we are taking a look at how light and colour can transform an image into something completely different and sometimes breathtaking.

Our scenic image comes from an photograph of Italian ship the Amerigo Vespucci visiting West India Dock last summer. Tall ships are always beautiful to look at Рthere is something about the tall masts and sails that makes us think of pirates and days gone by. But by using the way the light falls on the scene with the sun low in the sky, this photo takes on a completely different feel, bringing us a stark contrast between the glistening city buildings and the elegance of the tall ship.

Amerigo Vespucci, West India Dock

In contrast to this warm, gently coloured image we have our urban image. What has to be the most colourful bridge in London becomes all the more colourful with the addition of the action of the train running over it, perfectly colour coordinated. I wonder if the commuters on that train are aware of the patterns and colours beneath them as they travel?

London’s most colourful bridge?