Architects & Surveyors

Architect and interior design studio run by architect and project manager Mario Perez Botero, working in Barcelona and Bogota.
Architecture studio providing architectural design services, interior design, finishes and accessories, and construction services, renovations, lighting, and furniture. Carrera 15A Nº. 121-12. Zona Norte.
Giancarlo Mazzanti
Colombian architect based in Bogota. Known for his public projects including libraries and coliseums in Colombia. Calle 29 Nº. 6-94. Office 401. Zona Centro.
Bogota architecture workshop offering services in projects in the fields of architecture, urban design, industrial design, contests and urban landscaping. Autopista Norte Nº. 108-27. Tower 2. Office 1003. Zona Norte.
Taller 301
Architecture studio based in Bogota with an academic approach to design. The young team has taken part in several lectures, contests and exhibitions world wide. Carrera 15 Nº. 122-73. Office 402. Zona Norte.
Perez Reiter Architects
Offering architectural and design services working with advanced techniques, sustainability principles and economic feasibility. Based in Colombia and Austria, with projects in five continents. Carrera 5 Nº. 34-13. Office 302. Chapinero.
With over 63 years of experience the firm provides architectural services in the design and construction of buildings and infrastructure projects. Calle 26 Nº. 59-65. Office 406/501. Zona Occidente.
Architecture and urbanism studio. With vast experience in housing, urban design and institutional work, and several mentions in the press and awards. Calle 87 Nº. 15-23. Office 704. Zona Norte.
Rojas Iragorri Arquitectos founded in 1988 is a firm dedicated to the development of architectural projects in South America, North America and Europe. Calle 71 Nº. 6-57. Office 301. Zona Norte.
Architects studio founded in 2011 services for housing, offices and contests. Carrera 25 Nº. 40-27. Office 402. Chapinero.
Simon Hampton
Young architect based in London and Bogota, offering his services in design, construction, renovation and building projects.