Art, Dance & Music Classes

Misi Producciones
Offering a children and youth program on musical theater and dance formation as well as a full professional program in musical theatre. calle 103B Nº. 51-11. Zona Occidente.
Dance in Motion
Dance academy offering to teach and help practice Merengue, Bachata, Reggeaton and Salsa dancing styles. Calle 142 Nº.18A-44. Zona Norte.
Classicstone Ensamble
Tribute band covering The Beatles, Queen and Pink Floyd. Available for events and concerts. Also offering rock school services for children and teenagers.
Dancehall Class
Dedicated to the development of the dance, musical and artistic practices of Jamaica in Colombia. Dance lessons in different levels. Monday to Thursday: 17:00-19:00. Saturday: 09:00-15:00. Sunday: 10:00-13:00 Carrera 13 Nº. 57-35. Floor 3. Chapinero
Kids Club after school
After school club offering at home homework assistance, workshops in creative thinking, arts and sports and after school tutoring for children. Carrera 56 Nº. 152-77. Zona Norte.
Andres Felipe McBride
Scottish musician playing bagpipes for private and corporate events. Lessons and medieval style wedding consulting. Transversal 27A Nº. 53B-56. Zona Occidente.
Punta y Taco
Offering dancing lessons in private, open groups or special workshops. Calle 85 Nº. 19A-25. Office 201. Zona Norte.