Baby Equipment & Clothing

Bebes a Bordo
Buying and selling baby equipment. New items, overstocks and second hand items. Monday to Saturday: 09:00-19:00. Carrera 17 Nº. 70A-41. Zona Norte.
Baby Ganga
Chain of stores selling baby gear, toys and clothes. Virtual catalogue and stores located in all areas of the city.
Store selling baby accessories, clothes and equipment. On line sales and physical shops at Calle 9 Nº. 20-33. Store 209. Zona Centro.
Approved by the Enviromental Working Group in the US. Natural products for babies and children.Shampoo, creams, fragrances and soaps without any chemicals. Online ordering and payment upon delivery or bank transfer.
Como Nuevo
Store buying and selling second hand baby equipment, toys and clothing. Perfect condition second hand items at low prices. Calle 126A Nº. 7-91. Zona Norte.
Babies Gifts
Family run business selling local and foreign brands for babies gifts. Clothes, food gear, baby shower items, toys, presents for mothers and gift baskets. Calle 126A Nº. 7-24. Zona Norte.
Baby Station
Selling gear, nursery, apparel for babies and children. Product selection of the best brands in terms of functionality and adaptability to the growth of the baby. Carrera 7 Nº. 115-60. Store B120 and Calle 79b Nº. 7-30. Zona Norte.
EKI Design
Interior design firm focusing exclusively on furniture and decoration for children. On line store and showroom open Monday to Saturday: 09:30-18:30 at Avenida 19 Nº. 106-46. Store 4. Zona Norte.
Cositas para Bebe
On line store selling clothes, toys and accessories for babies. Purchases can be done by telephone or on the website, on line secure payment or payment upon delivery.
Chain of specialized stores selling baby and childrens clothing and accessories. Stores in the main shopping centres in the city.
Doctor Solucion
Website aiming to professionalize the services of painting, plumbing, electricians, builders and childproof services. On the website it is possible to get an estimate and have a guaranteed professional doing the work. Monday to Friday: 0800-17:00.