Balloons, Paragliding & Flying Clubs

A Instinto Extremo
Handling trips and excursions related to extreme and adventure sports including rafting, paragliding and bungee jumping.
Hang Gliding Colombia
Flight school, flight club, lessons, tandem flights, gliding and parachuting.
Aero Club de Colombia
Private club owning planes, runway and facilities for sporting events and practices, restaurant, and event room. Autopista Norte Km. 16 Aeropuerto Guaymaral Bogota
Colombia Paragliding
Paragliding services, the companys activities are mainly in Bucaramanga but organized excursions and professional courses and activities are available throughout Colombia.
Adrenaline Colombia
Located in Bogota and managing activities to develop the practice of extreme sports. Paragliding in Sopo and La Calera, neighbouring towns of Bogota.
Ultra Livianos de Flandes
Aviation school located in Flanders, two hours from Bogota and specializing in ultralight planes. Their offices are located in Bogota, open daily from 09:00-17:00 at Calle 116 N. 30-57. Zona Norte.
Located in a forest reserve has three viewpoints of Sopo availability for nature walks, camping and adventure sports like paragliding and delta. Tuesday to Sunday from 08:00-18:00.
Colombia Extrema
National leaders in organizing adventure and extreme sports activities and tourism, including paragliding, bungee and parachuting.
Federacion Colombiana de Deportes Aereos
Colombian federation of air sports handling everything related to and gathering clubs of ballooning, flying, Delta Wing and other flight disciplines. Calle 102 NÂș. 50 - 36. Zona Occidente.