Bogota Blogs & Websites

Off 2 Colombia
Blog of the travellers community Off2Colombia, writing tips, tricks, stories and opinions about the mayor cities and destinations in the country.
Richard McColl
An irreverent look at news, travel and current events as seen by freelance journalist and writer Richard McColl
Flavors of Bogota
In 2013 Flavors of Bogota won the Silver Award for Best Expat Blog in Colombia because of the quality of their articles exploring the cities restaurant and food scene.
Los Viajes of an American
Previously living in Guatemala and Spain, the blogger narrates his live living in Colombia and the situations that arise.
Little Colombia Observationist
British ex-pat Stephenie Sadlers bilingual blog include photos, stories and observations about daily life in Colombia, as well as interviews to other ex-pats in Bogota.
Colombia Travel Blog
A resource for travel news and information in Colombia. The bilingual blog has received a Bloggie for being the Best Blog in Latin America, and was named the best blog in Colombia by FITUR
Web portal for Districts Institute of Tourism for Bogota presenting the main activities and weekend events in the city. Carrera 24 NÂș. 40-66. Zona Centro.
Show me Colombia
Married to a Colombian woman, the owner of this site has turned it into a resource for information and a way to promote Colombia.
Cicling inquisition
Cycling themed blog written in English since 2009. Explores competitive, recreational and functional biking in Bogota and Colombia.
Banana Skin Flip Flops
British journalist based in Bogota. Her blog about her life in Colombia was voted Latin Americas Blog of the Year in 2012.
Steve Cagan Colombia
A photographers view of Colombia and Bogota. Writings and images that range from people, to food to gold mining.
Mikes Bogota Bike Blog
Blog dedicated to biking, bikes and bike lanes in Bogota. An expert take on the ciclovias an bike culture in the city.
Jade is born French, raised in Florida, studied in Spain, worked in Luxembourg, now living in Bogota, Colombia. Her blog aims to debunk Colombia through the eyes of a first time visitor and food lover.
Mikes Bogota Blog
The ex-pat author of this blog comments on politics, living and cultural situations that arise day to day in Bogota.
The Culture Trip
Collection of articles on art and culture in Bogota in particular and Colombia in general. Recommendations of restaurants, cafes and bars.
Michael and Graciela
Bi national couple living and writing in Colombia. Sharing their unique and dual perspective about Bogota life and issues.
Bogota Eats and Drinks
Up to date look of what and where to eat in Bogota. The blog is a great resource for ex pats and travellers.
Open Minded Traveller
The blog started in 2012 and has since tell the stories of an ex pat traveller around the country, and her life since she has decided to live in the country.
Annys Adventures
Travel blog, featuring articles and posts regarding travelling, working abroad and Colombia. 
No dar papaya Colombia
Blog written by the Brag About Tours company, offering satirical 10 steps on how to seem less foreign in Colombia.
Peace Corps Galore
The American writer of this Blog documents her life in Colombia while working with the Peace Corps.
Bogota Brilliance
Website written by two New Yorkers determined to show a more accurate view of the city of Bogota to the international community.
Alcaldia de Bogota
The official website of the Alcaldia de Bogota. Contains information about the city, official announcements, transport and regulation. Available to the public Monday to Friday: 09:30-19:00. Carrera 8 NÂș. 10-65. Zona Centro.
Urban Travel Blog Bogota
Collective blog built by professional and amateur writers. Provides city guides for various destinations, including Bogota.
Bogota DC
Website dedicated to Bogota culture and recreation with information in Spanish and English.
The Bogota Blonde
Short lived blog hosted in the website of the second newspaper in the country.
Lure Bogota
English On line and print magazine and Bogota city guide.