Books & Bookshops

La madriguera del conejo
Book store selling new and used books including books in English, Italian, French and Portuguese. Carrera 11 Nº. 85-52. Zona Norte.
Lerner Norte
Second store of the chain in the north of the city. Selling English, Spanish and other language books. Calle 92 Nº. 15-23. Zona Norte.
Pensamiento Critico
Traditions bookshop in the city centre, selling second hand books in Spanish, English, French, German and Dutch. Monday to Saturday: 09:30-19:30. Carrera 8 Nº. 15-62. Zona Centro.
Traditional book store selling used books in the city centre. Great collection of books in English. Carrera 8Nº. 15-70. Zona Centro.
Libreria Nacional
Book store chain in the main cities of the country offering general knowledge books, Spanish books and books in other languages including English.
Lerner Centro
Book store selling scientific, text and fiction books in various languages including English. Avenida Jimenez Nº. 4-35. Zona Centro.
Torre de Babel
Book store buying and selling second hand and used books. English, Spanish and French language books in various topics. Monday to Friday: 09:00-18:30. Saturday: 09:00-17:30. Carrera 8 Nº. 16-14. Zona Centro.
Books & Books
Bookshop selling language books, English teaching books, IB books, technology books, resources, videos and didactic materials. Monday to Saturday 09:00-20:00. Calle 140 Nº. 18-05. Zona Norte.