Books & Bookshops

Lerner Norte
Second store of the chain in the north of the city. Selling English, Spanish and other language books. Calle 92 Nº. 15-23. Zona Norte.
Torre de Babel
Book store buying and selling second hand and used books. English, Spanish and French language books in various topics. Monday to Friday: 09:00-18:30. Saturday: 09:00-17:30. Carrera 8 Nº. 16-14. Zona Centro.
Lerner Centro
Book store selling scientific, text and fiction books in various languages including English. Avenida Jimenez Nº. 4-35. Zona Centro.
Pensamiento Critico
Traditions bookshop in the city centre, selling second hand books in Spanish, English, French, German and Dutch. Monday to Saturday: 09:30-19:30. Carrera 8 Nº. 15-62. Zona Centro.
La madriguera del conejo
Book store selling new and used books including books in English, Italian, French and Portuguese. Carrera 11 Nº. 85-52. Zona Norte.
Libreria Nacional
Book store chain in the main cities of the country offering general knowledge books, Spanish books and books in other languages including English.
Books & Books
Bookshop selling language books, English teaching books, IB books, technology books, resources, videos and didactic materials. Monday to Saturday 09:00-20:00. Calle 140 Nº. 18-05. Zona Norte.
Traditional book store selling used books in the city centre. Great collection of books in English. Carrera 8Nº. 15-70. Zona Centro.